Cabo says NO


contraSportfishing has always been a huge deal for Cabo. It's what first made Cabo famous.

Attracting anglers from across the globe it generates tons of money and creates tons of local jobs. No surprise then, that the proposal to remove the “reserved” status of Dorada for sportfishing and allow it to be commercially fished has caused an uproar.  

Yesterday morning, in a show of solidarity, over a hundred boats sailed from Cabo’s marina in protest, whilst burning a piñata of Claudia Valeria Yáñez  - the federal deputy who made the proposal.

With the sportfishing industry, tourism service providers and BCS state government authorities all overwhelmingly against the proposal it will be interesting to see what happens. The prevailing argument is that sportfishing is controlled, it conserves the species, generates employment and pours money into the local economy. Whilst commercializing the species is seen as a short-term strategy that will only benefit a few commercial fishing companies.

With so much money at stake, let’s see what happens...

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