Chubby Noodles Cabo


Great name for a restaurant...


Cabo has a ton of good restaurants. Everything from fine dining to local taco stands. All depends on your taste and your budget.Our guests constantly ask us for recommendations. We try to keep up with all the new places. But there are so many, it’s kinda hard.

So, it was great the other night, when two of our guests came back positively gushing about a fab new noodle bar they had found. The Chubby Noodle Cabo – near Medano beach.

We loved the name. And they loved the food. Fantastic Asian fusion dishes with plenty of locally sourced fresh fish. Outstanding service, good music and amazing drinks too. Plus a stream of great reviews on Trip Advisor. Definitely worth a visit.

Another bonus is the background to how this restaurant came to be. The owner, Pete Mrabe – a successful San Fran restaurateur - is a self-confessed Cabo lover. His regular visits over the years just made him love the even place more. So much so, that he decided to open a spin off restaurant down here. And so Chubby Noodle Cabo came to be.

With big sister restaurants in San Francisco Marina and North Beach, Mrabe knows what he’s doing. And opening just in time for high season, means Chubby Noodle Cabo has got off to a great start.

We wish them all the best. And we’re definitely heading there for dinner asap.Chubby Noodle is across from Marina Fiesta hotel, just a few minutes from Medano beach. And opens for dinner every night from 5pm. Buen provecho! 

And, if you find any more great new places to eat – please let us knowOr, better still, come visit us at Los Milagros Hotel. With rooms from only $70-$100 (including taxes) and only minutes from all the best restaurants, you can afford to splash out on great dinners every night.  

And just in case you need a few more places to try  - here's a list of our favourites ...

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