Giant oarfish spotted around Cabo


A delighted American tourist was overawed to spot the fish of his dreams – a giant oarfish on the shores of the East Cape.

"I had always seen images of these creatures and dreamed of being able to hold one [...] obviously I could not believe it at first. I was running towards the creature. I had seen a flash of something orange and was just about to lose it. I turned around and started yelling at my brother” Jacob Thompson told USA Today .

The brothers, from Austin, were walking along the shoreline of the Rancho Leonero Resort on the East Cape when they spotted the oarfish. Usually an elusive fish that lives in the depths of the ocean, they can grow to 11m and rarely come to the surface, let alone the shore. And sadly, it can often be to die...

However, the brothers reckoned that this particular specimen was only about 2.5m and weighed less than 5kg. Encouraging -  as this suggests the fish was still in its youth. With plenty of living left to do.

Sightings of Giant Oarfish are incredibly rare. But they do pop up now and again along the shores of Los Cabos. Another reason for all keen fisherman to take a trip to these parts.

Los Milagros Hotel is only a couple of minutes walk from the Marina, so we get loads of fisherman to stay. Often in groups. Why not get your guy pals together and head to Cabo for fishing and fun like never before.

And come stay with us at Los Milagros Hotel. With only 12 rooms you could take over the whole place. With pool, gardens, courtyard and terraces all thrown in. Great rates with rooms from only $70-120$ (incl taxes)


Photo: Rancho Leonero Resort

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