International Women's Day in Cabo


intHappy International Women’s day to all the amazing women around the world.

Here at Los Milagros Hotel we have a few very special women that we would like to celebrate…

Firstly, and most importantly, a huge thank you to the beautiful Dele and Mary, our house keeping team, who do such an amazing job all year to keep Los Milagros Hotel looking its very best.

Secondly, the 3 generations of “Mujeres de Los Milagros”– the abuelas, the wives, partners and sisters, the daughters and nieces. Gracias a todos.

Thirdly, we want to celebrate one of Cabo’s most pioneering women – Amelia Wilkes.  Born in 1907 and known locally as “La Professora”, Amelia was a teacher in Cabo from 1923-1966 and did loads to encourage education for girls. She also volunteered as a nurse and was heavily involved in all sorts of public work projects.

Instrumental in bringing both fresh water and electricity to Cabo she was also the first female delegate to the city council in San Jose del Cabo. Somehow, she also found time to host John Steinbeck when he came to Cabo after writing the Grapes of Wrath. So, please, raise a glass to Amelia and remember how much she did to help bring Cabo where it is today.

Celebrate the sisterhood, help all those gals who have less than you, and let’s work together to bring ALL women to their full potential! Tomorrow – Mon 9 will be another HUGE day for women in Mexico, so check our posts to see why,

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