Bumper week for Cabo fishing


Los Milagros anglers enjoy bumper fishing day in Cabo

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Quite a few of our guests at Los Milagros are fisherman. And two of our most seasoned anglers recently had a bumper day out there.

Having fished off Cabo for years, they pretty much thought they had seen everything. But check this out.

On their first day on the ocean, they hooked an incredible total of 18 Marlin. They lost two right away, and another 4 after a 20-minute fight each. But they got an incredible 12 to the boat. Which were, of course, then tagged and released.

And that was just the marlin. They were almost speechless when it came to describing the sea lions, whales, flying fish and frigate birds that kept them company throughout the day.

“Amazing – every time I see this stuff it never fails to take my breath away”

But they were stunned yet again, when two days later they got a 250lb marlin

Kind of explains why they keep coming back. They always fish with Pisces. And they always stay here at Los Milagros Hotel.

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