Swimmable beaches in Cabo


beachFamous for long stretches of sun-soaked sands and sparkling turquoise waters, Cabo is a paradise for beach lovers.

But the waters of Los Cabos are not only famous as the aquarium of the world. They are also renowned for some dangerously strong currents, high waves and swell. All of these are worse in hurricane season. Which we’re slap bang in the middle of that right now.

And because our guests keep asking us the best beaches to swim from, we thought it was the time to share our list with you.

But remember,a SWIMMABLE beach also has to be SAFE beach. And this changes a bit in hurricane season, depending on the weather. So please, pay CLOSE attention to all colored flags you see on the beaches. And just in case you don't know ; 

GREEN = optimal conditions for swimming.

YELLOW = caution, there may be swell so check with a lifeguard.

RED = a definite no go.

BLACK = a hurricane or tropical storm and the beach is closed.

BLUE FLAGS, on the other hand, are a huge environmental badge of honor. Basically, it’s an eco-certification system where beaches are required to meet and maintain strict environmental standards for things like cleanliness, water quality, safety, services and sustainability. Beaches are checked every season. And certification can be removed at any time.

Cabo has an astounding 19 BLUE FLAG beaches (all listed below). A phenomenal achievement since Mexico as a country only has 64.

Anyway, enough. What you want to know is where to swim – so here’s our list. And remember, Los Milagros Hotel is only a 10-15 mins walk to Medano beach. Swimmable and with blue flag status. And our rooms are only $70-$120 US including taxes.

 Blue Flag Beaches Swimmable  Non-Blue Flag Beaches Swimmable 
 Acapulquito  NO (but people surf) Le Blanc NO
 El Chileno  YES Costa Azul  No (but people surf)
 El Corsario  YES Diamante  NO
 La Ribera  YES (50 miles north of SJDC) El Dreams  NO
 Las Viudas      NO (but people snorkel) La Empacadora   NO
 Médano Breathless  YES El Ganzo  NO
 Medano Casa Dorado YES Hard Rock  NO
 Médano Club Cascadas de Baja              YES Mayan (now Omnia)  NO
 Médano Hacienda  YES Monumento  No (but people surf)  
 Médano ME Cabo  YES Nobu  NO
 Médano Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos  YES Pacifica  NO
 Médano Pueblo Bonito Rose           YES Playa del Amor  NO
 Médano Riu Palace Los Cabos  YES Pueblo Bonito Sunset   NO
 Médano Riu Santa Fe  YES El Presidente  NO
 Médano Villa Del Palmar      YES El Tule  No (but people surf) 
 Médano Villa El Arco             YES Solaz  NO
 Médano Villa La Estancia     YES  
 Palmilla YES  
 Santa Maria YES  

NB: This is a full list of currently certified blue flag beaches in Los Cabos, plus an additional list of SOME unswimmable beaches..It is NOT an exhaustive list of ALL beaches in Los Cabos,  Sources: Blue Flag; Meganoticias Aug 12 2019, Los Milagros Hotel. 

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